June 6th, 2017

Tuesday AM Ladies League Results

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June 6th Tuesday AM Ladies League Results

And big CONGRATULATIONS go out to Jan Woodall on her Hole-In-One!!!

June 5th, 2017

Match Play League Results

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June 5th Results
June 5th Hole By Hole Stats
June 5th Pot Sheet

May 22nd Results
May 22nd Hole By Hole Stats
May 22nd Pot Sheet

Hole Events

#10 – Closest In 3 – John Hale
#15 – Closest In 2 – Gerald Connors
#16 – Closest In 1 – Sean Totch

Blind Bogey

#39 Drawn – John Hale ($18) – $8 Carried Over

June 7th, 2017

Swingin’ Start To Summer

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Join us next Friday, June 16th, 2017 for the Swingin’ Start To Summer. We’re hosting the first of 3 Mixers, a Fish Fry and our first Glow Golf Outing of the Summer. Players can sign up as singles, twosomes or foursomes; we will pair players up as needed. Continue reading for more information. Email or call (715) 453-310 to sign up your group today!!!

June Mixer

The June Mixer will be a Four Person Scramble on the Back Nine this year. The Mixer will begin with a shotgun start at 5 PM with Fish Fry and Awards to follow. Entry Fee for the event is $20 per person plus greens fees ($10) and cart fees ($5).

Glow Golf Outing

The Glow Golf Outing will aslo be a Four Person Scramble. Come early for the Fish Fry at 7 PM and Glow Golf will begin with at shotgun start around 9 PM. Entry Fee for the event is $30 per person plus greens fees ($10). Entry Fee includes glow gear, place prizes and Fish Fry.

Want To Play In Both!?!

Entry Fee only $40 ~ Greens Fee just $15

May 31st, 2017

Wednesday Night Men’s League Results

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Division 1 Results for 5/31

Division 2 Results for 5/31

Hole Events

#1 – Closest In 2 – Dan Schummer
#3 – Long Putt – Dan Schummer
#5 – Closest In 1 – Chuck Belew
#7 – Long Putt – Chuck Belew
#9 – Closest In 2 – Jeff Olson

#10 – Long Putt – Randy Sischo
#12 – Closest In 1 – Gary Nelmark
#14 – Long Putt – Einar Ingman
#15 – Closest In 2 – Lance Herman
#18 – Long Putt – Mike Svacina

Blind Bogey

#54 Drawn – Winner! Bill Voigts ($31) – $15 Carried Over

May 25th, 2017

Thursday Night Men’s League Results

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We have a majority of players with established handicaps, so we have a better idea of what the standings are. When we get the rest established I will send out reports for each week of the season. Let me know if you have any questions.

Division 1 Results

Division 2 Results

Hole Events:

#2 – Closest In 1 – Dan Singleton
#3 – Closest In 1 – Bill Emkow
#4 – Long Putt – Dave Kapszukiewicz
#7 – Long Drive – Bill Emkow
#8 – Closest In 3 – Dan Singleton
#9 – Closest In 2 – John Arnott

#10 – Closest In 3 – Buck Tesch
#11 – Long Drive – Gordie Koski
#12 – Closest In 1 – Jake Ferge
#14 – Closest In 1 – Randy Sischo
#15 – Closest In 2 – Gordie Koski
#18 – Long Putt – Jeff Jonas

Blind Bogey:

#58 Drawn – No Winner – $40 Carried Over

May 25th, 2017

An Open Letter From Meghan Hein

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Dear Inshalla Members and Friends,

As I live in Texas now, I often keep up with Inshalla the same way many of you do – through email newsletters and Facebook posts. The other morning, I saw the email from my brother notifying our members of the sale of the golf course and inviting folks to join the family for the Hein Memorial Scholarship Tournament. Of course, I was already privy to this information, but something about that email made the sale feel more real than it had before then.

You see, Inshalla has been my childhood home, as much as any other place. I played in the woods and in the big pine tree and under the deck and around the clubhouse. I still remember the old red bar where I would sit on the foot rail and sip 7-up from a shotglass. (It was just the right size for me!) Inshalla is where the bus dropped me off after my first day of school. It’s where I had my first business selling tees and washing clubs. It’s where my grandma and I would hunt for arbudas in the woods and I learned springtime smells like lilacs. It’s where, much later, I learned the important life skills of mixing Bloody Mary’s and Old Fashions. It’s the place I can’t help but think of when I smell a cool, sunny morning. (I would say “summer morning” but in Texas cool, sunny mornings happen more around November and March.)

And such an important part of this childhood home has always been you: the members, the regulars, and the staff from over the years. You’ve watched my brother and I grow, and have been so kind to us. Probably, some of you even watched my dad and my uncle grow up here! I remember members who gave me nicknames, who gave me candy, who teased me relentlessly, and who shared fond memories after my grandma passed. I remember former staff rejoicing when they learned one summer in college that I was hungover and working a double. (I had been such a teetotaler in high school.) Where else can you get that kind of love and support?

I’ve never been much of a golfer – though my dad will talk wistfully of that one summer in elementary school when I seemed sort of interested and had a decent swing – but Inshalla has always been home and you all family. I’m incredibly thankful my dad and Peg soon will be able to start enjoying retirement and Andy and Jamie will be able to start their lives together with a world full of possibility. I wish Bill and Jason all the best as they take on the honor of serving the Tomahawk community in this beautiful place. I hope Jason’s kids enjoy wonderful childhoods filled with joy, discovery, and love at Inshalla. I know you all will make sure they do.

With sincere thanks,

Meghan Hein

May 22nd, 2017

As We Approach Our Final Week…

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For many of you this is old news, but for those of you outside the Tomahawk area what I’m about to tell you may come as a shock.After almost 9 months of discussion and soul searching, Dad (John), Peggy, Meghan, Jamie and I decided we would put Inshalla on the real estate market in January of 2017. At the time of listing we were thinking that we would have interest and a viable buyer in three to five years.

Well… the process happened a lot quicker than we had thought.

In late March we received a couple offers and although it was earlier than expected, we knew that this was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.

We are excited to inform you that as of June 1st, we will transfer ownership of Inshalla Country Club to Bill Mark and Jason Kahle. John, Peggy and I will stay on through October 31st, 2017 as consultants to aid in the transition and make sure that the new management team is comfortable in their roles.

The sale will not affect 2017 Season Passes, 10 Rounder Cards, unexpired Gift Certificates or Donations.

Expired gift certificates and 10 Round Cards purchased prior to 2017 will not be honored after May 31st, 2017. Inshalla drink chips may not be honored after May 31st; I’m not certain.

I am sorry to say that due to the sale and time constraints during the transition Jamie and I have decided to, at the very least, postpone the wedding celebration we had planned for June 10th. We apologize for the short notice and inconvenience it may cause. When/If we have a new date we will send out the information.

The Hein Memorial Scholarship Tourney is this Monday and will be the last event under Hein ownership. We would like to invite you all to celebrate the 52 years of business, from inception to conclusion with us that day. The 18 Hole, 5 Person Scramble begins with a shotgun start at 1 PM; dinner and awards will follow golf (~5:30 PM). Entry Fee is $35 or $20 for members; carts are not included, but are available at $10 per person. If you can’t come for golf join us for a cocktail, we should be finished with tournament duties around 7 PM.

We sincerely hope you can join us Memorial Day, but if you can’t please know that the Hein family will be around this season and many more as fellow golfers at Inshalla Country Club.

Thank you all so very much for all the good times and memories!


Andy Hein

May 24th, 2017

Wednesday Fun Night Results

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Place Prizes:

1st – 28 – Bill Mark, Terry Timm, Steve Keintz & Steve Laskowski*
2nd – 28 – Jim Van Strydonk, Larry Van Strydonk & Bob Langeberg

*Winners on 2nd Hole of Score Card Playoff

Hole Events:

Closest In 2 on #1 – Tom Kelley,Mark Lange, John Arnott & Marcus Steigerwaldt
Closest In 1 on #3 – John Stelling
Closest In 1 on #5 – Terry Timm
Closest In 3 on #6 – Bill Heikkinen, Howard Heikkinen, Buck Tesch & Gordie Koski
Closest In 2 on #9 – Jon Long, Josh Carew, Calvin Hettwer & Dan Schummer

Skins Game:

1 Skin on birdie on #4 – Dave Hubatch, Geno Danielson, John Bugarin & John Stelling

May 23rd, 2017

Tuesday PM Ladies’ League Results

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Results for May 23rd, 2017

May 23rd, 2017

Tuesday AM Ladies’ League Results

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Results for May 23rd, 2017