May 4th, 2017

Thursday Night Men’s Results

Thursday Night Men's on May 11th, 2017 No Comments

Thank you for your patience; it’s been a busy couple weeks and I was unable to get the results out right away. That being said, the results that are being posted are not official because we chose to reestablish handicaps this season. When we have everyone established I will post the official results. And just in case you need it, here is a link to this seasons Schedule & Rules. See you tonight!

Unofficial Division 1 Results for May 4th

Unofficial Division 2 Results for May 4th

Hole Events:

Div 2

#3 – Closest In 1 – Dan Geraty
#7 – Long Drive – Bill Emkow
#9 – Long Putt – Dan Geraty

Div 1

#12 – Closest In 1 – Dee $
#16 – Long Putt – Joe Carew
#17 – Closest In 3 – Joe Carew

Blind Bogey

#44 Drawn – John Hein ($22) – $11 Carried Over

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